Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Science Fair Success

Field trip on Friday - 8:30 am departure
Register for summer camp
Birthday circle this Thursday for July and August birthday's
Annual Family BBQ this Saturday 2 - 5 pm

As usual please check out Mme. Villeneuve's blog


The students reading the Master Puppeteer continued chapter 10 comprehension questions and reading. 
The Days of Terror reading group began their motif paper. The students brainstormed the different themes of the novel. They need to write a 3 paragraph essay supporting their choice of motif. Each student was provided a sample paragraph with the instructions. 

Due Tuesday May 14. 

 Today the grade 7 and 8 presented their findings from their science projects. I was thoroughly impressed by their knowledge, scientific method and analysis of their results. Well done. 

The grade 5 and 6's had a preview of what's to come in grade 7 when they present at science week.  Excitement was in the air as they showcased they cars and boats to the school community. There was a drag race and some students have committed to test their boats on the open water. Well done! 

It was a bit chilly outside so the students had an enjoyable game of dodge ball. Thank you to Oliver and Violet for leading the stretches.