Friday, November 10, 2017

Salt in - vapour out!

UOI – International Mindedness day write up and pictures.
Please hand in your language skills on Monday morning 10:45 am.

Congratulations to Will who was the Star Student of the Week. He performed very well on his math assessment and demonstrated fantastic inquiry skills during UOI lessons. Fantastic job!


The grade 5’s and 6’s corrected their integers homework. The next lesson will be on masses.

As usual please check out 
Mme. Villeneuve's blog.

As usual please check out Miss. Cranfiled’s blog.

UOI – How the work works
The students completed an investigation into the saturation of water. This was used to model saturation point in clouds and precipitation.

The students followed the scientific method by making predictions, recording observations and drawing conclusions.

UOI - language
The students completed the unit 9 spelling post tests.

Remembrance celebration