Monday, December 11, 2017

Firefighter Kelly!

Fire Safety homework – create an escape plan and test your smoke alarms.
Please bring Hats, gloves/mittens and scarves for the show. (Christmas hats are encouraged)
Please look at home for copies of Tuck Everlasting.
Complete 1st paragraph of play critique.
Read the final pages of chapter 2 of the novel study.

Lesson 2
Classifying Polygons MMS 6
The students learned about some of the properties to identify different polygons.
The students corrected questions 1 – 4 from the homework questions. No homework this evening. The lesson will resume tomorrow.

Special Event
Firefighter Kelly visited the students this morning to give an informative talk about fire safety. Please discuss with your child(ren) what they learned in today’s seminar.

Dress Rehearsal
The whole school prepared for our concert with a dress rehearsal. IT’s looking good, you’re in for a treat.

As usual, the students had music last period with Mrs. Demetrio.