Thursday, January 18, 2018

January 18th, 2018

Upcoming deadlines
In class speech presentation – Mr. Hunt only Friday Jan 26th
Junior Division Speeches (with Judges) – Monday January 29th 9 am – 10:30am – Room 8. Parents are invited to attend.
Language skills 17 due tomorrow
Spelling 17 – post test
Alternate ending good copy due Wednesday January 24th
Literature circles write up due January 30th
UOI – summative due after speeches
UOI – Novel study connections assignment due after speeches.

The grade 5’s and 6’s competed in the Caribou Math Contest or worked on problem solving skills.

UOI – work period

The students had a very productive day. They completed the novel study, began their alternative ending, brainstormed topics for the summative assessment, worked on speeches and their novel study character connections activity.

The alternative ending should be no longer than a page long. The good copy will be written on aged paper and will be the centrepiece of a mixed media art project. The students will complete the project over the next couple of weeks during art lessons.

The second assignment is the Novel Study Connections Assignment. The students need to identify three characters in the novel Bridge to Terabithia that are exposed to a health risk discussed during Unit of Inquiry lessons. They have to communicate how each character ;
  1. What part of their health was at risk (mental, social, physical, relational).
  2. Describe the risk and relate it to the Real World Safety Pledge.
  3. How this risk affected the character.
  4. What the character could have done to lower the risks.

As usual, the students had art last period with Mrs. Doucette. Please check the agenda for homework activities.