Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Valentine’s Spirit Day – not a casual day. NO BLUE Jeans.
Thursday trip to St. Jude’s – please return permission forms confirming whether you are attending
Language Skills 20 Due Friday
Caribou Math contest Wednesday
Math Assessment on Friday

The grade 5/6 completed show what you know problems and took up some problems.

For homework  
Grade 5
Page 148 – 149

Garde 6
Page 160 – 161

UOI How we organize ourselves

 Today the students conducted the TRADING PARTNERS SIMULATION. They were assigned countries and traded their natural resources with other countries.

New Unit - Canada in the World
Central idea: A nation’s foreign policies influence how it interacts on the international stage.
Lines of inquiry:
  • Our country’s economic, political, social, and physical links with other countries
  • The role and impact of our significant people and leaders in the world
  • Our role in the international community

As usual please check out Miss. Cranfiled’s blog.

UOI - Language
The grade 5/6 students worked on the Monster Project.