Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Please return side line basketball forms
April lunch order forms

UOI – Map of Canada’s Trading Partners.  

Day of Pink
Last period, the students shared their positive feelings for each other and brainstormed anti-bulling slogans.
Tomorrow they will be completing the activity. Please bring in your recording equipment (iPods and cameras).

The grade 5’s and 6’s completed their benchmark assessments for term 2. Well done.

UOI – Who we are
Today the students learned about Poverty. We had special quest speakers from Headwaters Communities in action and Dufferin County Managing Organizing Visualizing Engagement Strategy or DC MOVES for short. Thank you very much Elaine and Shirley for your engaging presentation and activities.

GymAs usual please check out Miss. Cranfiled’s blog.

As usual please check out Mme. Villeneuve's blog.