Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Tuesday is the new Monday

Homework and reminders
No spelling
No Grammar Skills
Continue exploratory research for Exhibition – see Google Class room for complete list
Return signed copy of page 2 from the Exhibition parents letter
Remember instruments for Music Class
Practice Caribou

Student of the Week
Congratulations to Sophie who was the Star Student of the Week. She used all of her class time effectively and demonstrated great classroom routine.

The students learned to calculate probability. The activities were taken from MMS Text Lesson 2 page 384 – 385. This is a review for grade 6.
Please complete questions

As usual please check out Miss. Cranfiled’s blog.


As usual please check out Mme. Villeneuve's blog.

UOI – The Exhibition
The students held their first mentor meetings and I met with groups individually to check progress. The students are currently working on step 2.

OWA – Term 3 Persuasive writing  
Grade 5 task – Positive behaviour announcement
Your principal has asked you to write a message that will be read at a school assembly. Write a persuasive announcement that will promote positive behaviour during recess.

Grade 6 task – School Uniforms
Should students wear school uniforms? Why or why not?