Tuesday, March 27, 2018

There was a brainstorm in the forecast!

Homework and reminders 

  1. Tomorrow is Casual Day
  2. Make final 3 selections for Exhibition topics 

Today's Agenda 
Jump math pages 302 - 303 all questions
Math Makes Sense textbook

Grade 6 
page 410 Q. 1 and 2

Grade 5 
Page 381 0 382 Q. 1 and 2

Exhibition brainstorm and research period
Please make your three choices. Include BIG questions and possible action.

UOI - Unit Reflection
The students completed their IB binder reflections. They identified their Best work, something I worked hardest on, something I have to improve on and how they demonstrated an IB Attribute.

See you all bright and early.

Mr. Hunt