Friday, September 8, 2017

The Reptile Tribe - Narrative

Grade 6 – Page 41 – 42 Complete (pick) 5 of 8 questions
Grade 5 – Page 30 questions 4 – 7

Congratulations to Maple! She was the Star Student of the Week.

The students corrected their Place Value Homework questions and reviewed comparing and ordering values. They explored number lines and comparison symbols.

As usual please check out Miss. Cranfiled’s blog.

UOI – IB Learner Profile Poster
The students created posters to decorate the bulletin board. Each student selected an IB attribute that best represents themselves. 

UOI – Language
OWA assessment – Narrative writing.The students reviewed the rubric expectations for knowledge, thinking, communication, and application for the Narrative writing form. They used this period to write the pre-assessment.